Dear Mr. Andrews:

Our broker, Greg Wallace, gave me your name at my request because I wanted to let you know what a fine job he did in marketing and facilitating the recent sale of our Pitchfork condominium at the Snow King resort in Jackson, WY. I have been delinquent in my writing to you because I have been out of town or tied up on a number of different matters, so I apologize for not letting you know sooner.

Greg did a really terrific job. From the way he put together ads and brochures about the property, to his willingness to move his schedule around to show it when it was convenient for a potential buyer, to his constantly keeping us updated about the progress in getting it sold, everything was first-rate. If he couldn’t reach us during the day, he returned our calls in the evening or on the weekends, when he didn’t need to be working. He made the documentation part of the transaction very easy, by emailing documents to us and staying at his office so we could get them back to him quickly. We really appreciated that extra effort on his part.

Basically, he got the property sold “twice,” in that we were a day or two away from closing when the first buyer backed out. Greg had gotten all of the paperwork together and spent an enormous amount of time on the sale, only to have the buyer walk away because he apparently was unable to sell his own property. Within a week, Greg found us another buyer, and he worked assiduously to get that deal closed, which it did on January 16th.

Although we do not intend to sell our other condominium that we own in Jackson, if we ever change our mind, Greg will be our first and only choice as the broker.

He is a great credit to your organization and we were most appreciative of having had the opportunity to benefit from his fine service and attention.

Andy T.